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Active Members.

Active members must be MDs. Spine activity must represent more than 50% of their activity. Need to pay the annual dues. Only active members have the right to vote, may hold elected offices and serve on the Board of Directors.

Affiliate Members.

Affiliate members include physicians or equivalents who devote less than 50% of their professional activities to spine, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, physicians assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists, researchers, technical professionals or other health care professionals with an interest in spine. Affiliate members pay annual dues set by the Board of Directors.

Emeritus Members.

Emeritus members are individuals who have been members in good standing of the Society for at least fifteen (15) years and have retired. Requests for emeritus membership must be made in writing to the Society headquarters. Emeritus members do not pay annual dues.


International Members.

International members are health care professionals with an interest in spine who are living outside Arabic countries. International members pay annual dues set by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Members

are individuals who are recognized for leading achievements and contributions to spine surgery or science. Honorary members do not pay annual dues but shall demonstrate continuing participation in the Society. Honorary members can be of non-Arabic nationality.

Application for Membership
Application Requirements. A curriculum vitae or résumé must accompany the application for membership with two references from active members in the ArabSpine.

Application. Shall be reviewed by the Membership Review Committee. Committee shall submit the name(s) for approval of at least two thirds (2/3rds) of the Board of Directors.

Termination of Membership
Membership shall terminate upon i) resignation if accepted by the Board of Directors; ii) non- payment of dues for a period of two years; iii) dissolution; iv) death; or v) any member whose license to practice medicine is suspended or revoked for unethical conduct.

Renewal of Membership.
Each year all memberships shall be renewed by the payment of annual membership dues.


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